As your Real Estate Consultant, it is our job to understand your needs and respond to them promptly, professionally and with integrity. It is our pledge to provide you with sound real estate advice, helping you to understand the wisdom of the decisions you make.

By being your Realtor™, our relationship is built on trust. Value and service will be provided before, during, and after the transaction, so that your changing needs are always addressed and satisfied.

It is not only our business philosophy, but also a commitment to provide you with exemplary personalized service beyond your expectations. Our practice is to listen, hear and truly understand your needs; a quality of business conduct that often seems to have been forgotten in today’s fast paced, highly automated society.

Benefits of Listing with a Realtor™

Listing property with me means receiving the following benefits:

  • Experience
  • Integrity
  • Skill
  • Effectiveness
  • Advanced Techniques and Aids
  • Intimate Knowledge of the Marketplace
  • Financial Counsel and Assistance.

At Community Group we have:

  • REPUTATION… We have one of the best business reputations in Valley County and Southeastern Idaho.
  • PROFESSIONALISM… Our associates are all highly professional and well trained by career-oriented consultants.
  • EXPERIENCE… Our personalized service and record of excellence over the years have established a reputation of trust and fairness, which many of our clients have come to depend upon again and again.
  • COMPUTERIZED MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE… This is to give the seller the widest exposure via computer-terminal technology. In addition to our staff, your property will be exposed to over 1300 participating members. The use of the Mountain Central (McCall’s) & Intermountain (Boise) Multiple Listing Service is invaluable.
  • MARKET ANALYSIS… We will determine the realistic value of your home in two ways:
    •    An opinion by our qualified and knowledgeable Real Estate Consultants who list, show and sell property in your neighborhood, and
    •    A written compilation and analysis of recent homes sold, homes presently on the market and those exposed to the market but not sold during the listing period.
  • ADVERTISING… We are very competitive in marketing your house to not only our industry, but also the leadership in an area who is searching for a new purchase.
  • CORPORATE RELOCATION… This area brings together the many buyers across the country that are interested in purchasing in the McCall area. (If you are moving to another area, state, etc. we have a network of agents we work with who can assist you – just ask!)
  • COBROKERAGE WITH SELL EQUITY… An important aspect of our agreement with SelEquity is that our clients’ properties in the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service in Treasure Valley. This means that almost 2,000 additional Idaho Realtors will have information for your property.

Key Market Factors

How long does it take to sell a home?

There is no easy answer – some homes sell in a few days, others may take several months. Recognizing the key factors influencing a sale can give you significant control over market time. The proper balance of these factors will expedite your sale:

  • LOCATION…Location is the single greatest factor affecting value. Neighborhood desirability is fundamental to a property’s fair market value. COMPETITION…  Buyers compare your property against competing properties. Buyers interpret value based on available properties.
  • TIMING…The real estate market may reflect a seller’s market or a buyer’s market. Market conditions cannot be manipulated; an individually tailored marketing plan must be developed accordingly.
  • CONDITION…Property condition affects price and speed of sale. Optimizing physical appearances and advance preparation for marketing maximizes value.
  • TERMS…The more flexible the financing, the broader the market, the quicker the sale and the higher the price. Terms structured to meet your objectives are important to successful marketing.
  • PRICE…If the property is not properly priced, a sale may be delayed or even prevented. McCall Real Estates’ comprehensive market study will assist you in determining the best possible price.

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