McCall, Idaho is a ski and summer destination resort community situated on the shores of Payette Lake between picturesque snow-capped mountains. Known for its recreational opportunities and beauty many Idaho residents consider McCall to be the “Playground of the West.”

McCall is merely a two-hour drive north of Boise, Idaho and the drive up Hwy 55 along the Payette River is a delight in itself. McCall began as a timber town but is now home to Brundage Mountain and Tamarack Resort, the Activity Barn tubing park, Ponderosa State Park, and the U.S. Forest Service Smokejumper Base.

McCall holds an annual Winter Carnival which began in 1924, with outstanding snow sculptures and amusing activities of all kinds.

Jet Skiing and Water Skiing on Payette Lake In summer, people come to play on Payette Lake. Payette Lake offers excellent boating, several sandy beaches and spectacular mountain scenery. North Beach is a popular spot for waterskiing and sunbathing. There is a newly renovated marina and boat ramp close to downtown McCall and for picnicking and swimming the town has several city parks right on the lake. Ponderosa State Park on the large peninsula jutting out into the lake offers excellent camping, boating and hiking opportunities.

Huckleberries. Over a dozen different species of wild blue mountain huckleberry flourish in the Pacific Northwest. They grow in bogs, open woods and mountain meadows, from Alaska to Northern California and eastward across the continent. However, the huckleberries with the most flavor and aroma are found on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Montana and Idaho.

When the sweet fruit of these huckleberries ripen in August and September, local pickers often have to share these treats with bears, deer and all sorts of birds. Luckily, there are plenty of berries for all, and pickers can plan on gathering these wonderful berries right up until the first heavy freeze of winter.

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